#opportunity #action #whywait #doit

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Oh karma…. #karma #gameofthrones #joffrey #princejoffrey #lannisters (at The Five Kingdoms)

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Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you. #understanding #knowme

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My baby sister Julia’s birthday celebration. I made a (homemade), 5 layer, lemon/blueberry cake. Cassius helps blow out the candles! ❤️🙌👑

Finally coming up from under this flu bug. Now it’s just rainy and cold. I need to go somewhere warm and quiet, preferably somewhere with sand….

We are very proud to announce our representation of Kind Butler III @kindknox, international track and field star, gold medalist and world record holder. We’re a great team on an even greater mission @glenntoby @youalreadyknowme @hiscelebritystyle @samyrlaine @tcjackson00 @ceo_cook @coachdreamers Looking forward to the Gold in 2016!

A sign of ultimate trust from your horse is if they will allow you to approach while they are laying down…letting you touch them while laying is even more of an indication that they really trust you. It was a wondrous feeling tonight, petting and talking to Sunday while she lay down and we looked at the crystal stars. I’m so lucky. #friends #love (at Home)

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'Big Washer' - Ode to an old school laundry. Art is everywhere around us an we have so many mediums by which to capture it, it's a shame when we don't. Passing through, I couldn't help but stop and capture a moment in a laundry. #art #oldschool #laundry #font #wash #dryer #quarters

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You are not waiting for your mate to grow up. You are waiting to see how long you can lie to yourself that they will. #foolsparadise #hopesprings #truth #eyeswideshut

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They aren’t your only choices, but should you choose one, do so at your own risk. #wolf #sheep #boredom #loneliness

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Happy rainy Sunday my loves!! Enjoy your day and get ready to start your week. Be blessed ❤️😘

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Very few people, even ppl close to me did not know I smoked. It was a habit that I enjoyed but was not at all proud of. I especially don’t like anything controlling me. I quit because the list of additives in cigs scared me. They even added something to cigs so if you fall asleep or don’t pull on it, it will go out on its own. I don’t even want to know what they added to make that possible. The bottom line, most of the chemicals in them are addictive. It’s not easy to quit, but you can do it. Whether you use electronic cigs, go cold turkey, or even cut back, your life really does depend on it. If you need support inbox me anytime. #smokefree #stillgetcravings #lovinglife #healthy #livestrong

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One of those nights when you just feel like “Heyyyy….” #muah #red #cupid #love #lovinglife

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Thoughts can be controlled. You may not be able to control what others think but you have dominion over your own thoughts. Thoughts of rejection, hatred, lonely ness, inadequacy, malice…are all children of fear. What have you to fear? You are powerful and capable of anything. You just need to believe it.